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Even though each business journey is different, I bet you didn't expect yours to be knee-deep in administrative tasks, spending Sunday afternoon thinking about all the things coming for you next week and managing many different platforms to stay afloat.

And trust me, I get it — it can be easy to forget that just because you can do anything, that does not mean you need to do everything.

It is time to stop questioning and start creating.

A Systems Strategist, proud pit-bull mom & lover of deep, soulful conversations.

Hi, I'm lexi!

That mental chatter can quickly become the gap between knowing what you want and attaining it.

What you may need is structure to operate your business that honors both who you are as a human and who you want to be as a business owner
With this, I take a human-centered and systems-focused approach to business so you can bypass burnout (unlike me) and get you back to what makes you feel alive.

It is not only beautiful to look at, but mentally it has cleared up so much space in my head so I can focus on doing the things I love to do. 

erin | web & brand designer

Lexi introduced me to Notion and not only did she organize my business life, but also my personal life!

dana | Magician, comedian & tour owner

 My brain felt so disorganized for so long and she helped me sort through all of the blockages and held me accountable while being kind.

Lexi gave me what I didn't know I needed.

Kind Words

Let's get you back to being the visionary