My go-to platforms, playlists, pages and service providers


By now, you probably know that this goes at the top of my lists when it comes to platforms- and not just for business. If you are a planner, dreamer, have a marathon-running-mind and need somewhere to ground your thoughts, Notion could be just the platform for you.

For full disclosure, I'm a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with my link, you also help support me and my business!

If you are ready to adopt a single platform to streamline your client management, I have one for you.  

Everyone loves a discount so use my code c22 at checkout!



It really is a win-win... your aren't getting in email wack-a-mole with clients and you create boundaries between your personal & business messages. 

Voxer is a text and voice messaging app that I use to quickly communicate, build connection with and support my clients. 


The most FAQ I get in a Curiosity Call is "Can Notion and my Dubsado or Honeybook connect?" The answer is yes! Thanks to Zapier (and a few other automation tools I have in my back pocket).

Zapier is an integration tool that can not only connect your Notion and Dubsado but so many other tools that you can check out below!


While I love me some Notion, I will always be transparent in that I do not personally recommend using it as your main source of expense and finance tracking.

A hill I will die on is the importance of a bookkeeping system, such as Quickbooks. If you want to hear my thoughts on this, you know where to find me.

Use my referral link to get up to 50% off and a $50 Visa® Card to help with your business needs when you sign up!



The email marketing platform of your conversion and branding dreams- I don't know what else to say about it.



me & my team — the platforms I use to operate my business,

& some discount codes to support yours!


Like my site and want to know where it is built? Well, it is quite the debate but my heart lies with Showit.

Now every business has different needs so I always recommend during your research first. Sometimes, you don't know unless you try so use my link below for a free first month to give it a test drive!



BECAUSE I can't sleep, work or breathe without something playing in the background.

here are a few of the playlists i am currently hyper-fixated on.



A look into the sky-high stack of emotional support books I have on my nightstand so you can add to yours.

but SERIOUSLY, you can't go wrong with these.


Service Providers

Because we are never in this alone— and I have an amazing community, if I may say so myself.

Referrals in my back pocket:

— Copywriters
— Brand designers 
— Web designers
— Photographers (personal, brand & wedding)
— Engravers & calligraphers
— Interior designers (virtual & in-person)


Site Credits

website copy


With support from Sara of Between The Lines Copywriting, I was able to put my heart into words. Which, if you have tried to write your own copy, you know feels like a mission impossible.

If you are anything like me and feel like you are lost as see when you sit down to write, check out Sara's course Site Series® to learn how to strategically and confidently execute website copy, SEO, blogging, and email marketing.


Chloe of Chloe Leonard Studio just speak my language— simplified solutions.

By way of her semi-custom branding and referral from Ashten of Asher St. Studio, I was able to adopt a visual identity that mirrored the essence of my business and met me where I was at.

If this feels like the right move for you, check out Chloe's other original brands at the link below!